Five Reasons You Won’t Change Your Energy Supplier & Save Yourself A Fortune

by Pam on August 19, 2015

energy savings at homeReducing our household bills is a battle that every homeowner participates in every month. Money might not be short, but it definitely doesn’t grow on trees and not many of us can afford to fork out hundreds of pounds monthly. Most us cannot afford to fork out hundreds of pounds monthly especially when we can cut back easily by switching energy suppliers. The majority of use, however, will not switch even when we know how much we could save. Why?

I Don’t Own A Computer, And I Don’t Have A Connection

Yes, most gas and electricity suppliers are internet based. But, you can call them, and they will do it over the phone. In fact, a lot of users prefer this method because they know someone on the other end of the line has made the switch, and it gives them a piece of mind. Then, your new energy company will send you paper bills every month, so you know what to pay and when to pay.

I Don’t Understand My Bill

Utility bills are complicated and hard to understand. Fortunately, you don’t need to understand fully the ins and outs of you bill to switch suppliers. Most suppliers will only need a few basic pieces of information, and they can have a good guess at your average consumption. If an approximate consumption is not good enough for you, you will need your consumption figures. Not to worry, though, because they are on the back of your bill.

It’s Not Worth It

Because energy prices have soared in the last couple of years, we assume that we cannot get it any cheaper. Like energy suppliers are cartels and they all set the prices at a minimum rate. Fortunately for us, the government has legislation to make sure that doesn’t happen. Plus, energy suppliers are competitors. Competitors will always try and outdo their significant opponents, and they do it by offering better deals. The best electricity companies and gas companies will always try their best to get you on their books. That gives you a lot of leverage.

I Could End Up Paying Two Bills

Problems have been known to occur when people switch. However, that is usually our fault and not the fault of the suppliers. We don’t take enough care and give the wrong readings, which can result in paying more. It is easily remedied. Just make sure you give your existing energy suppliers the right information and everything should run smoothly. Plus, a lot of suppliers won’t make the switch until you have settled your existing debt.

I Can’t Switch Because I Rent

It depends whose name is on the bills. The only person who can verify the switch is the person who is paying the bills in the first place. If that happens to be you, you should be free to switch without even asking. But, if you landlord pays the bills, just ask them to do it for you. Any landlord should understand wanting to pay less for their utilities.

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