Five Ways To Save Money Traveling In Expensive Countries

by Guest on January 16, 2012

Don’t let a small budget stop you from planning the vacation of your dreams. Worldwide travelers on tight budgets have come up with imaginative ways to save money and still enjoy a quality vacation. With a little research, you can find enough inspiration to help you to plan a getaway to that ideal destination.

Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is an option that can save you tons of cash on lodging. The concept, which has taken off like wildfire, connects travelers to people who are willing to let them stay at their home for no cost. Hosts in those cities post pictures and other information in their web profile. Prospective travelers surf, or browse, the couch surfing websites for the cities they wish to visit for compatible accommodations.

In addition to free lodging, travelers also receive the benefit of getting first hand knowledge about sightseeing in the city from the people who live there. They are also provided with the opportunity to meet new people; including the potential to meet other travelers who may be staying at the home. Couch surfing continues to increase in popularity around the globe. One primary couch surfing site, which offers tips on safety and other useful information, boasts over 65,000 registered members from the United States alone.

Low Season Travel

One very easy way to cut the cost of travel is to book your flight during the low season of your destination city. In fact, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars on just one plane ticket by using this strategy. This is an especially useful tip for travelers who want to visit places where the weather is good all year round, like the Caribbean islands or similar destinations. This way, your vacation will be enjoyable no matter what time of the year you go, so you can schedule travel dates away from holidays or other popular times of the year. The earlier in advance you schedule, the more savings you will enjoy. In addition, hotels and other attractions are much less during the off season, providing even more travel savings.

Peer to Peer Car Rentals

For many families, the cost of renting a car can bust their vacation budget.  Renting a vehicle can sometimes run into hundreds of dollars, especially for SUV’s, vans or luxury vehicles. A great way to cut these costs is to participate in peer to peer car rentals. In fact, drivers can save over 75 percent in car rental fees by using this method.

The way it works is that drivers register free online at peer to peer car sharing websites and the website provides details of cars that are available for rent that have been posted by vehicle owners. Detailed information such as type of vehicle, location, price and insurance requirements are included in the postings. The driver/traveler then submits a search according to needed specifications and is matched with available car owners. The remainder of the process is facilitated by the website, which also provides a customer service number for drivers who may have difficulty finding a vehicle.

Eating Habits

There are several ways to save money on meals when you travel that don’t involve skipping meals. Make sure that you are open to eating the local cuisine rather than the food you normally eat. Local food is always less expensive than quality foreign food. Besides, trying food from other cultures enhances your holiday experience.

Another suggestion for saving money for meals is to plan in advance what you are going to eat. A little research will uncover local restaurants in the area that serve economical meals or that offer traveler discount coupons. If you are adventurous you can try shopping at a local supermarket for snacks or light meals that you can prepare yourself. Savvy travelers also make lunch their biggest meal since lunches can be much less expensive than a nice dinner. Lastly, avoid ordering meals from the hotel menu. In almost every case you can find the same meals for much less within walking distance of the hotel.

Time Scheduling

As the saying goes, timing is everything. You might be surprised how much you can save by simply booking your flight, bus or train ride during the nighttime hours. This method also saves you one night of hotel costs. Some regions, especially European countries, offer very comfortable night trains with beds for nighttime travelers.

Save money traveling by flying during the week to receive deep discounts on tickets. Tickets cost less during the middle of the week since most people prefer weekend travel. Another thrifty travel tip is to fly standby if at all possible. Although this may not work for everyone, those who are able to do so are rewarded with very inexpensive plane tickets for flying on short notice.


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Kyle Espinola January 17, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Thank you for the helpful tips especially the peer to peer car sharing. And agree finding “whole in the wall” restaurants is good for the check book and taste buds!

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