Future Financial Regrets To Avoid

by Pam on April 18, 2017

You might be surprised how many people in their elderly life have regrets about their financial past. In fact, they often wish they could turn the clock back so they could have done things differently when it comes to their funds. That way, they could have enjoyed a happy retirement, and they could know their kids would be in sound financial health after they pass away. However, you don’t have to be one of the many people living in financial woe when they reach old age. In fact, here are some of the biggest financial regrets, so that you can avoid them to ensure you have a happy future when it comes to your finances!

Not making investments when young

A lot of people are quite careless with money when they are young. After all, they think they don’t have to worry about the future at that moment. And they are more interested in spending money on having a good time. In fact, you will struggle to find many people in their 20’s who are putting money away in savings. In fact, 44% of millennials have zero in their savings account. They tend to live paycheck to paycheck, frittering all their money away during the month! But if you do this, you will find that you look back with regret in the future. You might have fewer funds saved away which can go towards your retirement. After all, you will have less time to make money from investments if you start making them when you are in your 50’s and 60’s. Therefore, it’s better to start considering investments when you are younger. After all, the longer you have investments, the larger the growth potential will be. Therefore, it’s worth investing in things like properties and businesses as soon as you can. Save up to buy your first home while you are in your 20’s. That way, you can take a step on the property ladder and reap the financial rewards when you sell up in the future. And even if they are silent shares in businesses, you should be making them now rather than in the future. That way, you can enjoy the dividends every month. And when it’s time to sell your shares, you might have made a ton of profit!

Not setting up a savings account

For a lot of people, they tend to just have a current account at the bank. And they just use this to keep all their money in every month. After all, it means they have easy access to their funds when they need to spend them. But while quick access is good, it might not be so good when it comes to your finances. After all, if you have all your money in your current account, it’s more likely that you will spend it all quickly. And then you will have no money for your future. Not only this but if you have all your funds in a current account, you won’t be able to take advantage of any interest rate. Therefore, the money will just sit there and not grow over time. Then people end up looking back in elderly age and wish they had set up a savings account earlier, so they had put more money away for their future! Therefore, to ensure you don’t live with regrets, make sure you set up a savings account with the bank as early as possible. And moreover, you need to ensure you move over a significant amount every month. That way, you can grow your savings and enjoy the decent interest rate on the account. And make sure you research different saving accounts before setting one up. After all, you don’t want to go for one which doesn’t have the best interest rate!

Dwindling away your funds on non-essential items

It’s so easy to go shopping for clothes and all the latest gadgets. In fact, a lot of people admit they splash out every month on non-essential items. And with a growing amount of websites, it can make it even easier to go mad with your spending. After all, you can just quickly log on and buy items which you fancy. And saving all your details can make it even handier to just quickly spend 100 or even 500 dollars on items! But a lot of people look back with regret that they didn’t save their money for more significant spends. After all, that money you spent on non-essentials could have been put towards a new car or even house renovations. Or it could have even been added to your retirement fund to ensure you have a fruitful future. Instead, the money often can’t be traced once you have finished with the item. Therefore, to ensure you don’t have financial regrets in the future, you should make sure you always think twice before heading for the checkout. Consider whether it’s something you really need or whether the money could actually be put to better use. That way, you can ensure you don’t look back with regret at the dwindled funds!

Using your credit card too often

A lot of people become too attached to their credit card. After all, it can be easy to use it all the time when you can’t currently afford an item. But then the interest starts rising and then it can be hard to pay it off. In fact, a lot of people spend a lot of their adult life trying to pay off credit card bills. And then they look back with regret in their future that they spend so much money just on credit card interest. After all, this could have been money that you put away for the future. Therefore, to ensure you are not one of the people living with regret, you should make sure you create some room between you and your credit card. Of course, you can have one if it’s essential. But make sure you only use it for vital purchases that you know you can pay back within the month. For anything else, you need to save up so that you don’t get into debt. That way, you won’t end up with a ton of interest you need to pay off due to your extravagant purchases.

Not setting up life insurance and a will earlier

It’s so easy to think you’re invisible when you are younger. After all, it feels like you won’t have to worry about things like life insurance and wills until much later in life. And when you are busy bringing up a family or making your mark at the workplace, it often gets put to the back of your mind. But the truth is you need to start thinking about these things as early as your 20’s. Otherwise, if you try and set it up in elderly life, you might find that you struggle to get any form of life insurance. As you can read about on lifeinsuranceforseniorsover80.com, you sometimes have to opt for burial insurance instead as you might not be entitled to any form of life insurance. Not only this but if you leave setting up a will and life insurance until later in life, you might end up passing away, and your wishes won’t be met. And your family might end up in a poor financial situation. Therefore, as soon as you buy a property, you should get life insurance set up. That way, if you die unexpectedly, your home will be paid off so your partner can cope. And you can enjoy the same payments year after year rather than opting for a higher rate later in life. You should also consider a will once you have a child. That way, you know your little one will be well looked after in your passing!

Paying out for a house which costs a ton every month

We all want the best possible house for our family. After all, we want one which ticks all the right boxes. But this can mean spending a ton of money on a large house for our family. And then we end up struggling to pay back the mortgage every month. In fact, it can leave us short month after month. And in the future, we often look back and wish that we got a smaller property. After all, if you are constantly paying off your mortgage until you retire, you will have no savings which will mean you will struggle to have a great retirement. And spending your whole working life stressed out is ultimately not worth it. Therefore, to ensure you don’t look back with regret in the future, make sure you go for a property which is within your limits financially. Don’t go for one which will be a struggle to afford every month. And that way, you can lead a comfortable life financially as you can put funds aside every month in your savings account.

And remember to be careful when it comes to taking out loans. After all, you don’t want to end up with a ton of debt which you have to pay off for years!


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