Go For A Walk

by Pam on April 21, 2009

If you are trying to find ways to get exercise without spending money on a who needs a gym pass? why not walk?gym pass or exercise equipment, consider going for a walk. Walking is free and fun! If you don’t live in an overly pleasant neighborhood, consider driving to a nearby park or even a shopping mall to get your exercise. Don’t limit yourself to just one location for your walks or you will get bored and be less motivated. Find a friend to walk with so you can have company along the way and keep each other accountable. Increase your pace at the beginning of your walk rather than at the end to maximize the health benefits. Doing this will cause your heart rate to increase and remain high and you will get the best work out. Walking not only provides physical benefits, it also does wonders for me mentally- it works almost like a therapy. Whenever I need to think something over or if I am upset, I find a walk really helps. Sometimes it’s nice to bring along an mp3 player and listen to music. Do whatever suits you, the main thing is that you keep your body healthy, and walking is a great way to do it without spending a penny.

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