How Blinds Can Help Build Your Dream Home

by Guest on August 14, 2012

Blinds can help you to build your dream home in several ways. Primarily, blinds act as building blocks for a room, and provide a blend of stylish decoration and functionality. When choosing blinds, it is possible to tie them into the overall decoration scheme of a home, while also customizing them to make sure that the details of an interior design scheme are consistent. Moreover, it’s worth looking into some popular trends to give your dream home some additional impact, as well as exploring how different rooms can be enhanced by the right kind of blinds. Taken together, blinds can be an essential ingredient in trying to achieve your dream home.

The Basic Strengths of Blinds

Blinds represent a stylish alternative to curtains and shutters, and come in a variety of different forms. Most blinds are designed using vertical and horizontal slats, and are typically produced using UPVC plastic, wood and fabrics. Slat blinds can be adjusted to let in different levels of light, while fabric blinds are more usually wound up and down to provide a full covering. Blinds’ key strengths therefore include their flexibility, and the range of materials available. In this way, they act as building blocks that can be used as a simple accompaniment to your decor, or as more specific items of furniture.

Overall Decor

The best blinds provide finishing touches for overall decoration ideas. If you want to develop a minimalist look for your home that reduces clutter, then it is worth considering vertical blinds in UPVC that can simply blend into the background of a home. Wooden horizontal blinds, by comparison, are ideal ingredients if you want to develop a more rustic look, and want to use antique wood and furnishings in rooms. Similarly, a Roman fabric or roller blind creates multiple opportunities to add designs that can complement wallpaper, and furniture fittings, as well as art works, carpets and rugs.

Benefits of Customization

Blinds can be easily customized to best suit your design ideas for a dream home. You can take fittings and measurements yourself, and provide instructions to manufacturers over materials for blinds. Customized options also include specifying fabrics and patterns, which can be matched up to the rest of your decor through colour charts. Moreover, you can make your own variations on blinds by cutting lengths of fabrics and fitting them to measured spaces. Decals and patterns can also be added.

Linking into Trends

Your dream home may incorporate elements from one or different design styles, from Scandinavian minimalism, through to mid century modern antiques, or more colourful, rustic country and comfortable styles that owe a debt to Arts and Crafts trends. Roman blinds are a good idea if you want to make a statement with colourful fabrics, while UPVC and metallic finishes are recommended if you want a cleaner look that can be added to in the future.

Different Rooms

It’s sometimes a good idea to create an overall decor that suits the same type of blinds. However, it’s also recommended that you try to find the ideal blind for different rooms. Easily washable UPVC blinds are better for bathrooms and kitchens where there will be a lot of moisture, while high-quality fabrics on Roman blinds are better for bedrooms and living rooms. Children’s rooms may also benefit from brightly coloured roller blinds that can be adapted as blackout blinds during the summer months.

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