How To Attract A Buyer For Your Home

by Pam on July 17, 2017

If you’re selling your first home, you may find that it’s not as easy as you initially thought. You may have found the perfect next home, but if you have to wait until your current home sells to be able to move, you may be wondering what you can do to speed the process along. There’s much more you can do than baking cookies so potential buyers have that wonderful smell to walk into. Here’s a list of some alternative ways to make sure your house sells.

Monitor Your Agent

It’s okay to give your agents a little nudge here and there when you feel you need to. Most buyers will search for homes online before doing anything else. That means that your home has to look its best online. If the pictures and descriptions the agents have used aren’t attractive, it’s unlikely you’ll get buyers booking viewings. If there are no viewings, the house can’t sell. So, monitor what your house looks like online and make suggestions on how resale hdb agents could sell it. The more pictures that can be viewed online, the more likely people are to look at the listing. If there are fewer than six pictures available, most people won’t bother looking.

Post a Video

It doesn’t just have to be about the pictures. Video is a fantastic way of showing what your house has to offer. There are some smartphones that will allow you to create a 360-degree video now. The benefit of creating a video is that you get to tell the audience all of the selling points. Tell them about how wonderful the neighbours are and how short a walk it is to the best coffee shop in town. Buyers like to know that the house can be turned into a home, and what better way to be sure of that than to see a family using it in that way.

Get Your Neighbours Involved

When you move out of your house, your neighbours will be concerned with who is moving in. Living next door to someone you have a problem with can turn into a bit of a nightmare. So, why not allow your neighbours to choose their neighbours? People often know of others who are looking to move into a new house that’s suitable for them and their family. Your neighbours may know of a family that would be interested in viewing the house. Let them promote it for you, so they know that they’ll be able to get along with the people living next to them.

Use Facebook

Facebook is a great way of connecting with people. Never before has there been such an opportunity to reach so many people. By sharing your video on Facebook, you’ll be able to advertise your home to many people you know. If you ask your friends to share the post, it’s likely you’ll be able to reach many people in your town and other nearby towns. And, some of them are likely to want to view the property.

Benefits of Sale

There may be similar houses in the area for sale, so what makes yours worth buying? To entice buyers into a sale, many people are now adding something to the deal. For example, if you’re thinking about upgrading when you move into your new home, why not leave some of the furniture there and add it as part of the sale. It could come in handy for first time buyers who have nothing to move in. If you really want to sweeten the deal, you could offer something like a brand new smart TV for buyers. You’ll be surprised by how many will be attracted to a freebie offer.


If you’ve got competition in your area, your house will need to stand out. Sometimes, all buyers are looking for is convenience. If you’ve done all the surveys, bug inspections and anything else before the viewings start, you’ll be ahead of the game and you’ll save your buyers a lot of time and effort. Make sure any potential buyers know that you’ve invested in showing the condition of your house. It’s also important to make sure you deal with any scratches, breakages or nicks within the house that may look like it has been taken care of. If the condition of the house looks excellent, it’s more likely to sell.

Invest in the Exterior

The first thing a potential buyer sees when arriving for a viewing is the exterior. You need to think of ways of improving it. If the paint is chipping off, wood is crumbling to the floor and metal is rusted, most buyers will have said no to the house before even entering. It’s important that the outside of the house, front and back, look pristine if you want to sell fast. When it comes to the back yard, many families try to visualise themselves spend time there with family and friends, perhaps hosting a BBQ in the Summer. If the yard isn’t maintained well, the visual falls to pieces before it’s formed.

Always Be Available

One of the many reasons that houses don’t sell is because sellers don’t make themselves available for buyers. Vacant homes sell faster because it’s easier to arrange viewings. It may seem like you have to put your life on hold for a little while, but it’s all for your own benefit. If a potential buyer calls your agent to arrange a viewing but you’re not home to allow the viewing to take place, what’s to stop the buyer viewing a different home? Always be ready for viewings when you want to sell your house.

Consider Price

If you’re selling at a time when similar houses to yours are on the market, and you want to sell quickly, you need to think about your price. It’s rare for a house to bring in full value when the market is full, so you may want to think about dropping the price. Even a 5% drop could give you a lead over other homes in the area. If there isn’t much difference in the benefits of the houses close by, you may get the advantage because you’re willing to sacrifice on cost.

Create a Blank Canvas

Sometimes, it’s hard for buyers to visualise living in another person’s home. The colours on the walls may not be to their taste, they may not be able to see their own family pictures where you’ve placed your own or they may use a room completely differently to how you have. In order for buyers to see themselves living in your house, you need to create somewhat of a blank canvas. Put a neutral colour, like magnolia or ivory, on the walls. Take away a few of your family pictures. Clean up any clutter that’s lying around the house. Minimal design and clutter will ensure your viewers have an opportunity to see the house for what it could be, rather than what it is.

Ask for Advice

If you’ve got a good agent, they’ll be used to selling homes in the area. Agents with experience of selling in your area will be able to provide you with tips on what you can do to sell faster. Some of them may cost you money, some you may not agree with, but the chances are your agent will know what to do. It’s important to take this advice on board if you want to sell as quickly as possible. Sellers who ignore their agent’s advice, often find that they waste a lot of time thinking their agent is wrong, just to find out they were given the best advice right from the very start.


Knowing your competition could help you to have the upper hand. Find out as much as you can about the other houses for sale in your area by doing an online search. You’ll also be able to sit down and talk to your agent about the differences between your houses and the competition. After all, your agent is interested in helping you sell your home. There may be some homes that you can’t compete with, but you’ll know what to do in order to sell before the others.

Here are some things you can do when viewings take place:

  •         Open the windows – it’s easy to get used to smells when it’s your own home. Other people may pick up on something unpleasant, so it’s important to air out the house before a viewing.
  •         Fresh flowers- displaying fresh flowers will make the house look more attractive to potential buyers. And, the sweet smell won’t hurt either.
  •         Baking – who can resist the smell of fresh cookies or just baked bread? If you’ve done everything else on the list, making use of your kitchen won’t hurt.
  •         Get out of the way – although it’s important that you tell viewers about the benefits of the house, it’s also important to give them the space to view it on their own.

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to sell your house quickly.

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