How To Find The Lowest Rates On Personal Loans

by Guest on January 5, 2017

Are you looking for a personal loan to save for a rainy day or to get hold of your financial crisis? If so, then it means that you are looking for the loan with the lowest interest rate and one that will probably save you some money.

Once you ascertain that you are eligible for a low-interest personal loan, then you have to get the right house to help you resolve your financial crisis or get rid of the financial problem. Some of the ways that will help you get the lowest rates for personal loans include:

  • Get a secured loan

One of the surest ways to getting a personal loan at a lower interest loan is by giving credible collateral for the loan. The cheapest way of getting the low interest loan is by getting a home equity line or credit. However, before signing the documents, ensure that the rates and the terms of the agreement are friendly and capable of protecting your home from foreclosure.

  • Do you qualify for a credit card reduced balance transfer?

If you have accumulated debts on your high credit card balances, then you should consider asking the company in question for a 0% credit card with a repayment time limit. If you are sure that you’ll be able to repay the loan in full within the set time, then you should go for it. It is an inexpensive option and the zero rate of interest lasts more than a year.

  • Pay off your credit card balances

Your loan repayment is used to calculate your credit score. If you repay your debts and loans on time, then you have a good score. Good credit scores help in lowering your interest rate for loans and it also helps in getting the loan application approved faster. Ensure that you pay off as much as possible of your credit card debt, as this will give you a good credit standing.

  • Shop around

The internet is the biggest information source and the hub for many companies offering unsecured personal loans. Banks and credit unions often charge higher interests on unsecured loans, so for the best deals, shop online. Review the rates, fees, costs, customer service, reputation, and the packages offered to fit your needs.  If you are patient, then you will find the best personal loans offered with favorable repayment terms.

  • Don’t fall for scams

Just like telemarketers, scammers are persistent and may even ask for fees to be paid upfront. They are also too aggressive and you can tell that they don’t care about you but only want your money. Steer clear of such characters.

  • Avoid lenders with prepayment penalties

There are a few rogue lenders who will charge fees if you pay off the loan before the maturity date. Before signing the loan application, ensure that there is a “no prepayment penalty” clause on the terms of the loan.

In conclusion, for lower interest rates on the personal loan, you must ensure that the terms of the loan are in your best interest. Balance transfers, secured loans, and a good credit promise lower interest rates. Also, investigate different items and don’t fall for scammers.

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Gabriel Lawson is an unsecured personal loans expert working with a renowned online firm. When not working, Gabriel writes and paints. Check out his blog for more on finance and banking insights.

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