How To Make Your New House Purchase As Smooth As Possible

by Pam on November 14, 2016

We all know that buying a house can increase your stress levels and lose you countless hours of precious sleep. However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. What would you say to a quicker, more hassle free way into acquiring that perfect house of yours? Sounds good right.

If this is your first house, then you may need all the help you can get. You could ask your parents or other relatives to talk about their experiences when acquiring their houses or in turn, go online and check out what the Real Estate experts say. Make extensive notes and make sure you put them into practice when the time comes around to making a deal. Even if you’ve bought countless times before, it may be wise to follow the same advice as housing purchase advice changes dramatically year on year.

Now that you’ve pinpointed the house you want, you need to speak to your estate agents about it. Draw up a list and ask them specific questions. There’ll only be to happy to help. Enquire about what’s included in the purchase; furniture and item wise, Chat about previous owners. What were the mitigating factors in selling the house? Quiz them about the neighbours and the overall neighbourhood and whether it is peaceful or lively in the evening or at weekends. You may also want to talk about transport links to work or to school for the children.

Once you’re satisfied with these responses, it’s time to view the house. O.k. You are looking to see if this is the perfect fit for you but you also need to do a bit of your own undercover research. Be a surveyor for the day and look for any obvious problems in the house. Check to see if the ceiling is leaky or whether there’s damp or mould on the walls. It’s also vital to make sure the heating works and whether the plumbing is at least satisfactory. If any of this is not up to scratch, think twice about the purchase or drastically lower the offer you’re willing to put in.

Think wisely about the offer you wish to make. Think clearly about any factors that you believe could be detrimental to the house. The location also needs to be taken into account. How far away are the amenities? Are they walkable? You don’t want to be spending your life in your car or on the bus or the train. Consult with your estate agent again about the price you’re thinking of. He will give your further advice on what you should do. You should also ask the seller for the option of them taking the house off the market. This would show a great level of trust in you. Also consider the factors of pulling out of any possible deal just in case you find another house that caters for your needs a little better, however you can’t do this one contracts have been signed, sealed and delivered.

This is your new house we are talking about and you need to make sure it’s the best, possible deal for you. So don’t leave anything to chance and let experience guide you on your way to achieving your dreams.

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