How To Negotiate & Reduce Your Medical Bills

by Guest on September 19, 2016

Healthcare is expensive and the costs keep rising. As a result, most Americans have been forced to pay a lot more than they have or what they paid a year ago. With such high costs and the current state of the economy, it is pertinent that all patients find out ways of spending a little less on healthcare to have manageable medical bills. Here is a list of ways to reduce your medical bills:

Be knowledgeable about general medical rates

In the current world, you have no excuse of having zero knowledge about Medicare and other medical facts that could help. You should read all there is about the amount that you should be charged for the medical procedure to be undertaken, the cost of the tests and the Current Procedural Terminology.

Armed with this information, you will be able to negotiate for better services at affordable rates. Such information gives you bargaining leverage before the medical procedure and a fall back plan after the procedure, in case any changes are made. It is important to confirm the Medicare rates before any procedure.

Learn about the common medical billing errors

Even hospitals with the best medical billing service have make errors. Don’t assume that because the hospitals boosts of the bets systems, your medical bill will be accurate at all times. Errors are made often.

Some of the errors made include; unbundling, mismatched coding, upcoding, duplicate billing, and balance billing.

  • Unbundling involves separate billing of items that are normally in a package.
  • Upcoding is an improper charge on a more expensive treatment. Eg. A brand name treatment for a generic treatment.
  • Duplicate billing is simply multiple billing for a treatment or procedure
  • Mismatched coding is billing a treatment that doesn’t match the diagnosis.
  • Balance billing is billing leftover balance after insurance pays yet the whole amount has been covered.

You should also familiarize with the medical jargon used in billing.

Ask about different fees

Before your procedure, ask different doctors and hospitals the fees charged for the procedure and treatment. Have their responses on the record and make sure that they are aware of this. Signatures and names will help corroborate your claims later on in case of changes in your medical bill.

Expert help

Sometimes, you are in a position that doesn’t allow you to negotiate. In other cases, you might have insufficient knowledge on how to negotiate for medical bills reduction. In such cases, you are advised to engage an expert. The expert will expect payments afterwards. Weigh your options and ensure that the expert is your best alternative.

Inquire about discounts

This isn’t done often but it is an option that could lower your medical bills. Ask the hospital if you qualify for a discount. Some payment methods or treatments for some ailments give discounts.

Visit the medical billing department

If you have spotted an error, visit the billing department. Also visit if you have difficulties making the payments. The visits can help you in getting better payment arrangements or lowered bills.

In conclusion, economic hard times call for swift and smart measures. The solutions or ideas above will help you in managing your medical bills. Your brain and your mouth will come in handy in saving you some of those hard earned pennies.

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Samantha Greyson is a renowned financial expert in the medical field. She is a lead financial consultant and advisor in hospitals. She advocates for use of the best medical billing service providers for less errors, denials and claim rejections.

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