How To Save Money When Watching Movies

by Pam on April 23, 2009

If you’re a big movie fan like I am, you may be spending a lot of money on movies. In order to avoid spending more money that you need to, here are a few recommendations:

1. Be patient! If a movie has just come out that you really want to see, wait until it comes to the “cheap theatre” before watching it. Try to limit the amount of popcorn and other snacks you buy because even the cheap theatres have expensive snacks. If you want to really save money, make it a habit to eat a snack or a meal at home prior to going to the theatre so you aren’t tempted to buy the overpriced items.

2. Matinees are cheaper than evening movies, so you can get a better deal at most theatres by going mid morning or early afternoon. If you have a whole day free, why not go for the matinee?

3. Better yet, rent movies rather than going to the theatre. That way you can watch with a group of friends or family members without each having to pay individually. You can also make your own popcorn and snacks.
Although going to the movie theatre can be fun, especially when a movie you really want to see has just come out, I highly recommend waiting. The movie will still be just as entertaining and you will have saved enough money to watch 3 or 4 movies for the price you would have paid to see one if you were impatient!

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