How To Save Money When You Shop At Safeway

by Pam on August 24, 2011

Safeway can be a really affordable place to buy your groceries if you are really selective in what you purchase.  There are a really great perks to shopping at Safeway including excellent customer service and fresh, high quality produce.  Canadians also have the benefit of collecting Air Miles. The downside is that Safeway is pricy unless you are careful.  You definitely want to apply for the Safeway Club Card so you can take advantage of the sales.  Otherwise you are paying way more for your purchase.

A few years ago my husband and I lived right beside a Safeway, so I would check out the flyer every week and only pick up what was on sale.  Safeway has amazing sales, and often the sale items even beat Superstore prices.  They often sell buy one get one free pizzas, and I have noticed they usually have good sales for milk products such as cheese.

While traveling in the States, we have also found Safeway a great place to shop.  I can use the same Safeway card or punch in my telephone number and I can enjoy the savings without having to apply for another card.

Safeway is great because (unless otherwise specified), you can buy one item and get the sale price even if the tag says 2 for $5.  This is different from Superstore, where if you buy just one item you don’t often  get to benefit from the sale price as you have to always buy the amount specified to qualify.

So as long as you watch the sales and make your purchases accordingly, you can save a lot of money on your grocery bill by shopping at Safeway.  If you live near to a Safeway, I encourage you to check out their flyers regularly and make your shopping list according to the sales.  Then buy your other groceries at your regular lower-priced grocery store for whatever you didn’t find on sale at Safeway.

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