How What You Say Can Impact Your Finances

by Pam on November 20, 2013

your words are very powerfulDid you know that what comes out of your mouth actually has a big impact on what happens in your life?  If you are going around saying you are poor, even if you are not poor, you will likely become poor or you will always feel poor just because that’s what you are saying.

Most of us say what we truly believe.  For the most part, if we don’t believe something we don’t say it, unless we are pathological liars.  But just what is my point?  Well, if you are someone who always says and thinks that they are poor, then that will become their reality even though it could have been easily avoided.

Now, there are truly poor people in the world.  But there are many other people in the world who never have been poor in their lives, who have never even experienced what being poor is like, but just the same, they think that they are poor.

Here is my challenge to those who find themselves often saying they are poor or that they cannot afford to buy this or that:  Stop saying that unless you really do want to be poor!

Here’s how to consciously change your outlook on your finances, in case you are interested. 

1) Think and speak truthfully.  You may have less money than your friends or family members, but does that necessarily make you poor?  Be realistic about your situation and speak accordingly.

2) Think of what you already have.  You are more than likely blessed with many things in your life.  After counting your blessings, do you still think you are poor?

3) Think of where you want to go.  Take a few minutes to think about your present and future goals.  Come up with a plan of how to achieve those goals, whether they are financial in nature or not.  Start working towards those goals, and when you talk about them, say “when I do this” not “if I do this”.  You will find that if you are confident in your thoughts and actions towards your goals, then you will be much more likely to achieve them.

So, the next time you decide to speak about your current financial situation, what are you going to say?  Are you going to whine and complain and say you are poor?  Or are you going to speak truthfully and powerfully and rise above your current circumstances?

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