Investment Options For Smart Investors In This New Age

by Pam on February 9, 2018


The tech industry is increasing in leaps and bounds these days, with all the advances in AI, computing, and VR keeping it at the forefront of innovation and research. The changes which are coming to our lives through the different uses of tech and the outcomes of the industry mean that investing in technology is something that is a particularly good bet for investors at this time.

There is of course a risk that the investment might pay off – investors need to be wary of what they invest in – just think of Google Glass and how badly that went – but for most of the research being done right now, investment seems a fairly safe bet, particularly if investors focus on work which is building on technology which already exists.

 Peer to Peer Lending

A recent addition to many people’s portfolios is the idea of peer to peer lending, which focuses on people lending money to each other, without needing to go to the trouble of finding a bank willing to give them a loan. Investors normally take part in the peer to peer lending process as a loaner of capital, to be borrowed at a specific and set rate over time. Peer to peer lending allows the investors to set their own interest rates, something that encourages more people to invest capital in the scheme itself. Peer to peer lending is growing in popularity because it is a simple model, and one which does not require much in the way of capital in order to qualify for a loan.


The most well-known new-age options for smart investors, Bitcoin is an investment which can bring a lot of pay-off to people who know how to work with it, and take advantage of the way that it works. Unfortunately Bitcoin is particularly complicated both to use and to understand, and this is something that can stand in the way of people moving to invest in it. Buying the first Bitcoin is easy; it is the way in which the coins are completely different o any other money system we have ever had that can be off-putting.

Bitcoin investing, when done properly, can make you some serious money – and what makes it particularly useful is that it can be bought in either physical or digital form, and so exist over the internet. Bitcoin is not universally accepted as a form of payment yet, which may be what is holding many potential investors back, but this is the ideal time to get in on an investment, so that when Bitcoin explodes, you will stand to make some serious money from the investment.

Bitcoin is growing in acceptance worldwide; the quick transfer times which come with having a source of income which is entirely digital, not to mention the more anonymous nature of the currency, means that sooner or later it will become more of a smart investment than it currently seems to be. Greater understanding of Bitcoin will likely lead to greater investment in the future.

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