Ironing Out The Creases – How Ironing Can Save You Money

by Guest on October 24, 2014

ironing can save you moneyIt’s a problem that has plagued humans all throughout history. Yes, wrinkled clothes have annoyed countless humans. Nothing is more irritating than putting on that special shirt or blouse, only to find it is unwearable due to the many wrinkles it carries. That’s where the iron comes in. While it may have gone through much iteration, its core mission has stayed the same, to straighten out your clothes. Here’s how irons have developed as technology has changed, and just how much value they add to the home.

Traditional Irons

As you might imagine, traditional irons were quite rudimentary. The Chinese would fill pans with hot coals, and then press that over stretched cloth to get rid of wrinkles. Meanwhile, people in Europe would use stones, glass, and even wood to smooth out garments. The improvements have been small until recently.

Irons Today

Not only do the modern day irons look sleeker and nicer than ever before, they perform better. This is in large part due to the development of the steam iron. A steam iron adds water into the mix, and with the steam relaxing the fabric, the wrinkles are removed much quicker. This has led to some important advancements in iron technology as well, such as an automatic shut off mechanism that helps prevent fires and accidents from occurring. It also saves electricity, helping to make the world a greener place.

Another important feature is the addition of a spray nozzle. Using the iron’s water reservoir, you’re able to mist the garment with steam, all over the same area, and then, using the heated surface of the iron, make any wrinkle disappear.

Added Value

While the convenience of dropping off your clothes to a dry cleaner may be tempting, the costs are quick to add up. Irons allow you to keep your clothes looking presentable, from the comfort of your home. As opposed to $3 a shirt, all you have to pay for (after the cost of the iron), is the small amount of electricity you’ll use. It’s one of the best ways to save money.

Like anything else, irons have gone through many changes throughout the years. Today, they’ve been optimized to save you money and time, two things we’re always in short need of.

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