Is Your Debt Overwhelming You?

by Pam on February 24, 2014

does debt overwhem youMany people have some debt to deal with, and that is pretty much the norm these days.  But for others, their debts are way too much for them to handle.  If you are one of these people who is overwhelmed by your debt load, you may want to consider some of these tips:

1)      Look into IVAs – An IVA stands for an “Individual Voluntary Arrangement”, and it’s a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors.  If you opt for an IVA, you will most likely enter into an arrangement that lasts five years.   You will be expected to pay what you can afford, so this option will provide some peace of mind and you won’t have to be overwhelmed anymore.  To learn more and discover what other people say about IVAs, check out IVA reviews.

2)      Write it all down.  Sometimes your debt may not be as bad as it first appears.  Why not try writing down all of your debts and then prioritize them based on their interest rates?  Then, determine your monthly income and come up with a game plan.  If you can’t seem to find a solution on your own, have someone you trust look at it with you.  The trick is not to bottle it all up inside of you, but rather seek out others who can help.

3)      Visit your longtime financial institution.  If you have been loyal to one bank or credit union for a long time, you will likely have gotten to know someone who works there.  Visit that person and see if they have some solutions for you.  They may offer a debt consolidation loan that will meet your needs.  If not, ask them for some resources they recommend.

Debt is part of life for almost everyone; the trick is to learn how to manage it before it starts managing you.  If you feel overwhelmed, get help today.

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