It Pays To Be Organized When You Shop

by Pam on July 2, 2012

I have observed that it truly does pay to be organized when you shop.  It only takes a couple of seconds to check online flyers before you head out to grocery shop. Although I am not a big fan of coupons, I definitely do see the benefit in knowing what’s on sale before I shop.

Lists save you money

Once you’ve had a chance to peek at the flyer, jot down the sale items that you need and scratch down the prices beside them so when you shop you know what you are looking for.  By doing so you will ensure that you will get all the items you need on sale rather than paying regular price.

Have coupons ready

If you do want to use coupons, get them organized before you go shopping.  If you are disorganized then the people behind you will not appreciate your lack of planning while they wait for you to dig in your purse or worse, cut the coupon out of the flyer.  Seriously those kind of people really tick me off as they don’t seem to have any respect for other people’s time.  So, if you insist on using coupons, have them ready!!!  Make sure they are not expired, and make sure that they are the correct coupon for the store you are in at the time.

Remember to bring your own reusable bags

We all have a ton of reusable bags at home.  The problem is, most of them never make it into the car or into the store with us. To save a few cents and the environment, remember to bring your bags with you when you shop.  Some stores like Giant Tiger will actually give you money for bringing your own bags.  Superstore gives you rewards points and many stores you have to pay if you want to use their bags, so by being organized and remembering your bags, the savings will add up.

Have your rewards card ready

If you are shopping at a store that gives you Air Miles rewards or other special rewards, be sure to have your card ready with your payment instead of scrambling in your purse for it at the till.  Just like with your coupons, you need to know what rewards the store you are in will offer you so you can prepare in advance.

Being organized and prepared allows you to shop effectively and save big in the long run.  Sure, there are times that you need to just grab a couple of things and then it’s not important for you to know the sales, etc., however when you are doing your big grocery shop, I would highly recommend that you plan ahead.

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