It Pays To Use A Travel Guide

by Pam on July 8, 2011

My husband and I enjoy taking at least one road trip every summer.  We have found that we end up saving money if we buy a travel guide for the places we are planning to go.  That way we can study our destinations in advance as well as find the amenities we need while we are on the road.

We have saved money by being educated about the least expensive places to visit, sleep, camp, etc.  One of our guide books helped us save a lot of money as it informed us that we can buy an annual pass for visiting parks in the United States.  For $80 US we can go to as many parks as we want without having to pay each time.  Without this knowledge we would have had no clue and would have ended up spending a lot more than just $80.

It also pays to make sure you buy the most up to date version as things change over time and you don’t want to get confused.  Although you may feel it is expensive to buy guidebooks, believe me, it is worth the small investment.

There are some great travel guidebooks out there.  We often use Lonely Planet books, but browse through the bookstore or online to see which one suits you best.  If you are prone to travel through cities Lonely Planet has quite a bit of detail.  If you are more likely to travel to National Parks, you can find specific guidebooks that give good information exclusively about the parks.

Find the one suitable to your interests and at least glance through it before you start your journey.  You will not regret the money you spend on a good guidebook.  It will reduce your stress and save you money.

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