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by Pam on December 3, 2012

If you like learning, you will find some amazing free resources on the Internet for pretty much every topic under the sun.  Although there are many great learning websites these days, I want to particularly mention Khan Academy, a not for profit website designed to help you learn without spending money or having to step outside your doorstep.

Khan Academy is a website that has a vast library of material covering a wide range of topics from science to accounting, to all kinds of mathematics.  Just type in the subject you want and it will bring you to the related material you are looking for.  You will find informative videos that are very well put together.  You will almost feel like you are sitting in a classroom.

It is completely free for anyone to use and parents and teachers will find this website invaluable.

Khan Academy features all kinds of videos and activities to help you learn about the subject that interests you, and there are also a lot of people making comments and asking questions, so you will feel like you are part of a community once you start learning.  In fact, there is a Community Questions section that you can check out relating to each topic presented.

Khan Academy also has a system whereby when you sign up (for free), you can collect badges and points for the activities you complete.   This may motivate people, especially younger folks, to learn more and participate more.  When you sign up, Khan Academy will also provide you with recommendations of what to do next, based on what you originally selected.  So, as you finish one section, it will guide you to other activities that you will probably also enjoy.

To learn more about Khan Academy, and how it works, check out the website and watch their short introductory video.

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