Lower Your Standard Of Living and LIVE

by Guest on December 19, 2009

lower your standard of living and LIVEAre you one of those people who have been suckered into the concept of endless consuming? It can happen without your even realizing it. Ads hit you from every direction telling what you need to buy to be good-looking and successful. The “right” list usually includes the right car, the right neighborhood, the right clothes, even the right schools for your kids. Have you ever noticed that the list is endless? And there’s those “easy” payments, so why not?

In our society consumerism has almost become a religion with heaven being that blessed day when we can relax because we have it all and are, therefore, OK. I suggest that you think again and on your own this time.

Those who have maxed out credit cards only to obtain new ones know that something is missing in the plan to “have it all”. Peace, freedom, even individuality are often sacrificed to the need to keep up and hopefully surpass the norm. Working longer hours, getting more competitive jobs, pushing and stretching are ways to try to win the battle. But then there’s that bigger house and hotter car, offering a rush, momentarily.

There is a way out but it involves reassessing priorities. It’s usually a long, slow process to over-extend to the point of disaster. Likewise, there’s a way out that can slowly take you in the opposite direction. It’s called…less. Believe it or not, most of us can live quite comfortably in a smaller home and used, paid for, cars can get us where we want to go. Plain foods don’t cost what prepared foods do, and a smaller, simpler wardrobe can still be attractive.

My kid’s father was a carpenter. That meant lots of work in the late spring, summer and early fall. The other six months were pretty “iffy”. Bad weather often prevailed, housing starts and sales slowed down and our income either stopped or was drastically reduced. The answer to this was to set up a standard of living that used half of the good-weather income and left the other half for the lean months. We did that and sailed blissfully through the tough times.

The same thing can be done when retiring. Moving into a park model trailer in a camping club might sound like a sacrifice. However, once you have looked inside a new unit and toured a well-appointed park, you may change your mind. Hot tubs, indoor swimming pools, senior centers are all part of the camping club I belong to.

Why not rethink how your life is playing out and factor in some peace and satisfaction? Why not lower your standard of living and LIVE! Why not indeed?

About the Author

Luise Volta’s life has included careers in nursing, teaching pre-school, interior design, Real Estate sales, insurance adjusting, and dairy herd testing.

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