Maintaining Capital With Precious Metals

by Guest on March 4, 2016

Precious metals are more helpful than ever before when it comes to maintaining capital, and among the metals that are sought after for their reliability are gold and silver bullion. People have valued and protected their gold and silver throughout history — as some of the most valuable commodities, they have always been used and documented as currency. Companies now exist that will provide clients with the most stable financial protection using gold, silver, and diamonds as hard assets.

Gold has a negative correlation with traditional portfolios. For one thing, when the stock market crisis occurred in 2008, gold was helpful in turning it around. While other assets such as stocks, bonds, hedge funds and real estate plunged in huge nose dives, precious metals like gold and silver bullion saved the market. Throughout 2008 to 2013, such metals gained an average of 32% per year. Bullion is a very simple investment to make because one simply buys a block of gold and then ensures that it remains safe and protected until one is ready to liquidate its value.

Silver is another stable investment to look into. Many experts say that silver is greatly undervalued as a commodity. It is also highly affordable, and as a result of the lack of counter party risk, there is no liability factor. Additionally, silver can be used as more than just simple currency since it has a lot of other industrial uses.

In current times, when political instability and globally insecure markets are causing inflation and threatening the wealth of certain currencies, hard assets are the simplest and more common form of investment protection. The conflicts that the world has been facing recently involve North Korea, Syria, and Iran, among others. As a result, many different governments have come to identify gold and silver as assets worth investing in. Central banks are also adjusting their policies in order to gain more gold and other precious metals.

Today, it is more convenient than ever before to protect your investments with wealth management companies such as Guildhall Wealth Management, where you can buy bullion and natural fancy color diamonds online and track their delivery to secure and insured storage through the Canadian Depository program. After you make such an investment, you can check on your bullion upon request, both directly and over the phone. To learn more about the dependable and timeless investment that gold and silver bullion can provide, contact Guildhall Wealth for expert advice.

With gold and silver bars and coins, you can discover a new way to think about money. As you invest, you will find yourself with a product that appreciates in value as opposed to something that loses value over time. Build your assets and maintain your wealth while discovering a relationship with a company that prioritizes transparency, honesty, and sound market research above all else. Guildhall’s attention to detail and emphasis on client relationships will leave you feeling secure.


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