Marriage, Money, & The Recession

by Pam on May 16, 2009

Money issues in a marriage can be tough at the best of times.  keep your marriage strong during the recessionCouples argue about how much to spend, what to spend it on, whether or not they should have joint accounts, and the list goes on.  Differences in spending habits definitely can make for some interesting conversations, or should I say, arguments.  It truly doesn’t matter how much or how little money a couple has, disagreements about money still arise.  During a recession, however, finances can get tight, and the pressure is on. 

 The most important thing to realize is that your marriage is way more important than your financial situation.  As a couple, you need to stick together and work out a game plan for how you are going to tackle the situation as a team rather than letting the tough times divide you.

 You can start by sitting down together and discussing your specific situation.  Create goals as a couple and write them down.  Think of ways you can cut back spending and extra things you can do to supplement your income.  Come up with a plan involving both of you so that you can have the sense of working together and feel the satisfaction of attaining your goals. 

 Here are some suggestions on things you can do as a couple to survive the recession:

 1.  Do odd jobs and minor repairs around the house and yard yourselves, rather than having to pay someone else to do them.  Paint your own fence or house, do your own landscaping, etc.

 2.  Create attainable savings goals for each month and then celebrate your successes as a couple by doing something you both enjoy.

 3.  Come up with creative ways to “go green” around your home.  It will save you money and be good for the environment.

4.  Make a budget together and determine where your money is going each month.  Work together to divide your expenses into 2 categories: the nice-to-haves and the need-to-haves.  Then, select a few items to eliminate from the nice-to-haves category.  Make sure both of you make some sacrifices – remember, it’s about teamwork!

 5.  Come up with some fun and creative ways to earn extra money.  Have a yard sale to get rid of some clutter or sell stuff online.  Once again, make sure that both of you are participating – don’t expect just one person to take the initiative or make all of the sacrifices.

 There are a lot of other things you can do as a couple to beat the recession.  I have just mentioned a few ideas here.   If you work as a team when things get hard, you will have a better relationship, and ultimately a stronger marriage.  Don’t let futile things like money get between you and your spouse. 

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