Must Know Advice When Buying A Used Car

by Pam on July 24, 2017

Buying a used car can be a tricky minefield to navigate. For many, the very thought of visiting a car dealership can send shivers down their spine. Sadly, most cars, new or used, often come with a big price tag – often too much for the regular buyer.

That’s why we often spend time looking for the best bargains – but even then the prices reach astronomical levels. Some will advise you go for the lowest prices, but then you often buy twice, with your cheap purchase breaking down in the first few months. So, where do you go from here? How do you find a decent used car for an affordable price? Let’s take you through a few hints and tips.

If buying from a dealership – keep your budget a secret

The first thing a car dealer will generally ask you for is your budget. Now, this might seem like a helpful question – but in reality, they want to know how much they can potentially get out of you.

If you find yourself being asked this question the best way is to navigate around this by speaking about the total cost of the car – but insist that you’re looking for the best price possible. Or, just avoid the question altogether by replying that you’re simply not sure and that the car is more important than the price.

Ensure you add the cost of running a car, such as insurance and tax, to any monthly costs quoted to get a full idea of how much it will cost you over the course of the year. Don’t fall into the trap of agreeing on a price, but then not being able to afford all the additional extras.

Don’t let dealers goad you into buying a new car

Some dealerships will hold both used and new cars. New cars are, as you know, much more expensive than used cars. Salespeople work on salary plus commission, so are always looking for ways to snag more of your cash.

If they start commenting on the unreliability of used cars, or the fact that many have a lower warranty period than their newer counterparts, then either ignore this, or question the fact that they sell low-quality used cars. This will either throw them off or keep them away – allowing you to browse in peace.

Of course, to get around this, you could always take a look at the many varieties of used cars online. Here you’ll get a detailed history of the vehicle, while also having the ability to negotiate from the comfort of your own home. Just ensure you test drive before completing any purchase.

Finally – play dealers off each other

One of the best ways to receive a sizable reduction on any used car is to get multiple quotes from different dealerships. Once you’ve done your research, go back and present your findings.

Used cars generally follow the same pricing across multiple dealerships, but you might find one offering a similar model, or even the same, for much less. If one is prepared to go lower, then take their offer. By having something you can bring to the table, your negotiating power will certainly rise.

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