Our Summer Road Trip Challenge

by Pam on June 11, 2010

My husband and I enjoy taking a road trip every summer.  We have traveled across Canada as well as part of the United States.  This summer is no exception, but as we do every year, we set a vacation budget and we are determined to stick to it.

This year we are bringing $2200.00 with us, but hope to spend less than that.  We usually only budget for $2000, but we’re bringing along some extra cash this time in case we want to do some shopping.

We plan to stay within our vacation budget this year by:

-Buying food at grocery stores along the way and cooking most of our meals ourselves.  We will still eat out once in a while, but certainly not every day.

-“Roughing it.”  We hope to camp along the way at national parks, and if it does rain, we will likely just sleep in the car.  So far, every other road trip we have managed to avoid staying in a motel/hotel, so we hope to follow this same pattern.  Although I must admit that at times we have been very tempted to just give in, especially when it’s already dark and it is raining hard outside.

-Limiting our spending.  We mostly enjoy the great outdoors during our road trips, and the great thing is that the natural scenery we will enjoy along the way will for the most part be free.  The only costs we will have are food, gas, campground fees, park entrance fees, and a small amount for some tourist places such as museums, etc.  Unless it rains a lot on our trip, we likely won’t be doing a lot of things indoors.

Well, I hope this road trip is as fun as the others we have taken.  I will let you know how well we do with sticking to our budget.

What are some things that you do to stay within your vacation budget?

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