Pennysaverblog 100 Day Challenge Update 2

by Pam on April 10, 2010

I thought it was time to post an update on the Pennysaverblog 100-Day Challenge.  I’ve got 74 days left to go and so far it has been going fairly well.

Here’s what has happened since the first update:

Exercising for 15 minutes a day has been going well, although there were two days that I didn’t exercise.  My excuse?  I haven’t been feeling very well lately, however, I shouldn’t make excuses, so from now on I am determined not to miss another day during the rest of this challenge.

As for earning extra income, I made fifty cents on an online survey that took me about 10 minutes to complete.  That works out to three dollars per hour.  I’m embarrassed to even be sharing this.  My husband has continued to sell stuff we no longer use so we’ve made a few bucks here and there from that.  It’s nice to get rid of the clutter.

We caved when it came to eating out.  My husband and I went out for seafood buffet, so I have finally dipped into my entertainment budget of $100.  I am only counting my entertainment expenses (not my husband’s), so I am now down to $80.  We have a weakness for the buffet because it provides all you can eat crab legs.  You just can’t beat that!

Saving half of our income has proved to be a struggle.  We seem to be saving just under half of our combined income right now.  I think it will get even harder during the next couple of months since the weather has warmed up and we plan to do a lot of camping.  Nevertheless, my aim is still to save as much as possible, and still avoid buying frivolous items that we don’t need.  I did pretty well, too.  I was able to walk through my favorite dollar store and not buy a single item!  I happened to force myself to look for one specific thing and they didn’t have it, so out I went empty-handed!  This challenge is having a positive impact on me.

So, for the most part everything is going well, and I plan to work even harder at it.  Thanks for reading!

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