Pennysaverblog 100 Day Challenge Update 4

by Pam on May 12, 2010

There are 42 days left of my 100-Day Challenge, and it definitely is a real challenge for me right now.  I have been struggling to make exercising a priority as it was never really a top priority for me before.  Nevertheless, most days I have still managed to get at least 15 minutes of exercise.   The odd day that I miss I try to make up for on the other days by doing at least 30 minutes or more of exercise.  I do feel a bit like a failure, though, when it comes to the exercise piece of my challenge.

So far I have managed to keep within my $100 entertainment budget.  Since the last update I spent $5.00 on ice cream while hanging out with a friend.  So that means I still have $55 remaining.   I have discovered that it is not easy to stick within this small budget for such a long period of time.  I hope I can stick to it.

To earn some extra income, we have continuously sold more items from around the house that we do not use.  This is a great way to earn some extra cash and it allows others to actually make use of the stuff rather than it just collecting dust in our home.

As for buying frivolous items, well, I think I have been doing really well in assessing whether or not I really need an item before I purchase it.  I have still been successful at the dollar stores, only buying what I will use, and I feel at least on this aspect of the challenge that I am still ahead of the game.

We are trying hard to save as much as we can, however, I have found that my husband and I have been spending more money than usual over the last couple of weeks due to car insurance payments, computer parts, gifts, and well, just other things that seem to have popped up.  The good news is that overall, we are still able to save almost half of our income so in that respect we are doing okay.

I must admit that I look forward to this challenge being over.   Although it creates positive pressure for me, I feel as if I might be letting anyone down who might be rooting for me.  I know, I know, I am not perfect, but I sure would like to be able to perfectly meet all my goals as stated in my 100 Day Challenge.  Thanks again for reading this.  I appreciate your support.

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