Personalized Family Reunion Magnets To Remember This Special Occasion

by Pam on October 4, 2017

No matter what the size of your family, having a reunion get together with all of the relatives can be a fun bonding experience that brings multiple generations together. A joy for people of all ages, these occasions deserve to be remembered by everyone who was there. One of the ways that you can keep those memories alive is with personalized family reunion magnets.

Many families opt to have a professional photographer take some shots of the attendees. Some of them might be posed while others are candid images taken during certain times of the celebration. While you might not have the bucks to keep a pro around for the whole event, some excellent shots can be used to put together memory books, magnets and anything else that you want to use to capture it.

However, there is an easier way to make sure that everyone has a takeaway gift to remember the reunion by. Check out Payless Magnets, You can have personalized magnets that include your family name, the reunion date and perhaps an additional line. By making enough of these ahead of time, you will be able to pass one out to every attendee.

In fact, family reunion hosts often put together little gift bags for the various people who show up to the celebration. This might include a few personalized items as well as a couple of generic party favors intended for use at a specific time during the celebration.

For those who are going this route, it is important that you choose the magnet design carefully. The choice should reflect the family as a whole and not just your personal preferences. As an example, if you moved to a large city from a rural community where the rest of your family still resides, it would be a poor choice to choose a city skyline for the magnet image.

Likewise, a humorous magnet in a family who prefer a straightforward academic approach to life might not go over well. While you might not be able to please every single person, take care not to offend and to choose something that the majority of your family members will be able to relate to.

If you are from a boisterous Irish family, you might opt for reunion memorabilia that honors your heritage. Likewise, you can find magnets that celebrate other parts of the world and various belief systems. For example, you might want to acknowledge the religious and spiritual beliefs of your family in the selection of your reunion magnets.

Sports and collegiate themes are also popular choices. However, these might not be popular with the whole crowd. Remember that you don’t want for the magnets to get tossed in a kitchen drawer and forgotten about because the recipient finds it unattractive.

There is a great compromise that has helped countless families to ensure that everyone is satisfied with their personalized family reunion magnets. Simply choose more than one design! By providing a selection of two or three different magnets, everyone will be able to have their favorite.

Of course, you should select the amount you order of each design carefully. While it is okay to go over the number of guests to provide variety, you don’t want to go overboard. It is perfectly fine if guests that arrive later do not have as many to choose from.

You will also have to decide how you intend to distribute the magnets before ordering. Are you going to give one to each attendee or is it a one-per-family deal? Though you can save money with the latter, teens and young adults living at home might prefer to have their own for when they get their own apartment.

Family reunions are special events that allow everyone to reconnect with their roots and meet the newest members of their extended families. You and your family not only have the opportunity to remember loved ones now gone but also to greet babies and new spouses to the clan.

From a comfortable venue capable of holding everyone to memorabilia to take home and cherish, your decisions will impact everyone who is there. Make certain that you have chosen well at each step for beautiful family memories!

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