Read Books For Free And Sell Books You Do Not Need

by Pam on April 8, 2010

Books can be really expensive, but the knowledge we can gain from them is sometimes priceless.  That being said, I am all about being a good steward with my money, so below is the process I follow when I want to read a certain book.

Whenever my husband or I learn about a book that we want to read, instead of going out and buying it right away, we check our local library database online to see if they have a copy available.  If they do, we put in a request online and we are notified when it is ready for pick up.  We do this for all the books that we only plan to read once.

In the rare event that the book is not available in the library, we go to and purchase the book online.  We find it much cheaper to buy books online than to go to a physical bookstore because online stores have much lower overhead costs.

After we have read the book, we sell it on Ebay.  Although we seldom recover the full cost of the book, we think it’s better to sell it rather than have it sit on our bookshelf collecting dust.  We might as well let someone else read it.

In a nutshell, this is the life cycle of our books.  The ones we find particularly good we often buy and keep for future reference, but many books only need to be read once and we don’t like clutter, so we figure it’s better to recoup some of our costs by reselling them.

There are lots of ways to be good stewards of our money.  Here is just one simple way my husband and I are able to save some extra money while still benefiting from reading the books we are interested in.

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