Read Customer Reviews Before Going Shopping

by Pam on August 29, 2009

Read customer reviews before making purchasesMy husband and I have discovered a great way to get the most value for our money when we shop.  Although it takes a bit of our time, reading customer reviews on the Internet prior to making purchases has saved us a lot of money and frustration.

For instance, when we first bought our house we didn’t have a weed whacker.  Without doing any research, we went and bought a fairly inexpensive no-name brand at Wal-Mart.  It barely worked!  We had to constantly reattach the plastic string in order for it to whip again.  After a year of fighting with it, we decided to buy another one.  But this time we decided to do it right.

My husband went online and read customer reviews.  After comparing various types he found one suitable for and we went out and made our purchase.  So far, this new one works like a charm and it didn’t cost much more than the first one we bought.

My husband did the same thing when he purchased our camera.  He compared various brands and features to determine exactly what he wanted within our price range.  Then he read customer reviews to make sure others were satisfied with their cameras.  I’ve noticed that whenever he does the research first we never regret our purchases.  The only purchases we ever regret are the ones we make spur of the moment or without any prior research.

Although it’s obviously not necessary to read reviews prior to making every kind of purchase, it certainly does come in handy for making bigger purchases or for buying items such as appliances, tools, electronics, and many other items.  Believe me, it’s worth your time.

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