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by Pam on October 18, 2009

read Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. AllenI’ve just started reading Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen.  So far I am really enjoying it.  The first chapter is all about the importance of consistently saving.  He talks about how one dollar can be used to start growing a money tree and the author includes many charts indicating potential growth over the long term.

His main point is that anyone can become a millionaire if they are disciplined enough to save and invest wisely.  Like I emphasized in my last post about investing when you’re young, you don’t have to have a lot of money to start investing.  The best time is to start now.

Instead of me writing a lot about this chapter, I would recommend that you check out this link: and read the chapter for free online.  To get to the free chapter, click on Keyword Search on the left hand side of the site.  From the drop down menu, select Free Chapter and click the Go button.  I bet you will never think of investing the same way again!  The author emphasizes in a very practical and profound way just how important it is to save for tomorrow today.

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