Reasons Why Foreign Visitors Should Have Medical Insurance

by Pam on March 23, 2017

Are you expecting visitors from a foreign country?  If so, it is really important to make sure that they have proper medical insurance coverage while they are staying with you. Regardless of whether they are visiting for a week or a year, it is really vital, as you never know when a medical emergency might occur.  It’s always best to plan ahead and be proactive.

Medical insurance is a lot cheaper than medical bills.

People visiting Canada will want to ensure that they have sufficient medical coverage because visitors do not have free medical coverage like Canadian residents do. It’s best to shop around and find the best rates.  Make sure to also read the fine print so you know what is actually covered and what the deductible is and so on.  You will want to compare the premiums and benefits and make sure that the coverage you buy is going to be adequate and suitable based on age, current health situation, etc.

Don’t try to save money by skimping on or opting out of medical coverage, because if your visitors end up having medical issues, the medical bills will be a lot higher than any insurance premiums would ever be.

Medical insurance gives you and your visitors peace of mind.

Last summer my in-laws visited from overseas for the first time, and my husband made sure they had proper medical insurance coverage.  He did the research for them and bought the insurance on their behalf.  Thankfully, their visit was uneventful and we didn’t need to make any medical insurance claims, but it gave us all peace of mind to know that if they had any major medical issues, we would be able to provide them with proper medical care without going bankrupt.

Medical insurance is a requirement for obtaining a super visa.

If your visitors are planning on staying in Canada for more than six months at a time, they will most likely be applying for the Canadian super visa.  As such, they will be required to have super visa medical insurance.  In this case, medical insurance is required and not just recommended.

Although it is easy to get caught up in all the excitement and anticipation of having family or friends from far away come for a visit, it’s a good idea to take the time to consider their medical coverage needs.  Talk to them about the importance of being medically prepared, and if they require your assistance, do some research for them and help them to find the best coverage with a reputable insurance provider at a reasonable rate.

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