Repairing Versus Replacing Your Air Conditioning Equipment

by Leon on April 9, 2013

should i repair my air conditionerAs time goes on, it will eventually become necessary to repair or replace your air conditioning equipment. It is an unavoidable event; nothing lasts forever, and new technology is quickly making old appliances inefficient and obsolete. However, it can be difficult to realize when something really needs to be fixed. Deciding whether it is more beneficial to repair or replace air conditioning equipment can be even more difficult. If you’re not a home appliance expert, you’re going to need some help determining the right course of action for your air conditioning.

How can you tell if your air conditioning needs a helping hand? Look for issues with your air conditioning system that didn’t exist when it was first installed, or anything else that seems out of place. Excessive noise coming from your air conditioner is usually a sign that something needs work. A home that is undesirably humid or dusty is probably not getting the circulation it needs, often due to air conditioning problems. If you are experiencing these or other problems, it is time to have your air conditioning equipment evaluated.

In many cases, repairing your air conditioning equipment may be less expensive than a complete replacement. Your air conditioning system was a significant investment when it was first installed, and you may feel like you are not ready to make such an investment all over again. Before making any decisions about whether to repair or replace air conditioning equipment, call in a professional to have the situation evaluated. An air conditioning expert can tell you exactly what is wrong with your equipment, how much it will cost to fix, and whether replacement would be a better option.

Of course, there are cases in which a replacement is the only desirable option. If your air conditioning equipment is more than 10 years old, repairs may not be worth the money they’ll cost. Older air conditioning equipment may require specialized treatment and rare parts that are no longer commonly available. In addition to this, many older air conditioners are so inefficient that a complete system overhaul would be a major money saver. Modern appliances with Energy Star ratings are 20 percent more efficient than air conditioners from 10 years ago.

Replacing your air conditioning equipment can have several great benefits, if you are able to make the investment. Your home will be cooled more quietly and efficiently than ever before, allowing you the utmost comfort in your home without running up huge energy bills. This is becoming an increasingly important concern for home owners everywhere, and upgrading an outmoded air conditioning system is a great way to relieve your cost-of-energy burden. On the other hand, if you have a modern air conditioning system and your problem is nothing more than a leaking duct, simple repairs can get you the same results for less money.

Have your home air conditioning equipment evaluated by a professional like those at or any reputable service in your area to find the best course of action. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes air conditioners. When it comes time to repair or replace your air conditioning equipment, remember these guidelines to spot problems and find the best solutions.

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