Retirement Planning And Your Health

by Pam on July 7, 2010

When it comes to retirement planning, be sure to not only consider the financial side of things.  Remember that taking care of your health is equally important.  You may be saving enough money to enjoy a long retirement, but if you aren’t exercising regularly and eating healthy foods, you may not be in prime physical shape in order to enjoy the things you plan to do upon retirement.

Although we cannot control our health entirely, the choices we make today will have a significant impact on our overall physical health.  When it comes to making healthy choices, don’t be too cheap.  Be willing to spend your money on the things that promote good health such as fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-grain pastas and breads, and multivitamins.  Don’t be too frugal when it comes to healthy choices, and despite what some may think, eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot.  If you compare the cost of buying fresh produce to buying prepackaged processed foods, you will discover that prepackaged foods can end up being more costly.

Although this is a blog primarily about money, I think it’s key to emphasize the importance of promoting physical health as well.  All the money in the world doesn’t do much for you if you have poor health.

Visit a doctor at least once a year and get a physical checkup.  Take a multivitamin suited to your age and gender, and don’t let aches and pains bother you for a long time before you get them checked out.  It could be something more severe than you think and if it’s caught early, it could be treatable.

When it comes to your retirement planning, don’t neglect either your financial health or your physical health.  Plan ahead and make healthy choices today.

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