Save For Your Family Vacation As A Team

by Pam on February 21, 2011

If you want to go on a family vacation such as taking a trip to Disneyland, a great way to save enough money is to do it as a family.  Get the kids involved by encouraging them to think of creative ways they can contribute.  Open up a savings account specifically for the trip and then as the funds come in, put them into this account.  Give your family frequent updates on how much has been saved so everyone is aware of how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go in order to achieve your goal.

Make it a team effort to come up with the money.  It will be fun!  Your kids can do odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn extra cash.  Perhaps they are old enough to babysit or can pitch in and help with recycling.  Collecting cans and getting a refund is a simple way to earn some cash.  A lemonade stand is also a fun idea.

By doing this together, your family will be sure to appreciate the vacation in a much deeper way, and you will be teaching your kids valuable lessons about money as well. They will learn that it costs money to go on vacations and that with some creativity and persistence, it is possible to save to achieve a goal.

Many kids today never think about where the money comes from that provides them with food, clothing, vacations, etc.  It doesn’t hurt for them to pitch in and earn some money of their own, especially if it’s for something exciting like a family trip.   The more you teach your kids about money, the better they will be at handling their own money as adults, so start teaching them when they are young.

The next time you plan a family vacation, consider making the planning and saving a family event, even if your kids are small.  The excitement in your household will be sure to start well before you ever leave for your vacation!

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Karen March 1, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Great idea! I can see our six-year-old jumping all over this 🙂

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