Save Money By Shopping At Dollarama

by Pam on June 10, 2011

There are many great dollar stores out there, but my all time favorite is Dollarama.  In the past everything was always one dollar or less, but now you can also buy items for two dollars.  This allows for a wider variety of items and still things are very reasonably priced.

Dollarama carries a variety of different food items that are really cheap.  For example, I often buy my spaghetti sauce there.  It’s a great brand and it only costs $1.25 per can.  I seldom can find it for cheaper at Superstore.  Some items that I have bought, however, didn’t turn out so well.  I find that it’s best to select the brand names you trust when it comes to buying food items at Dollarama.

Dollarama also has a large number of different greeting cards, all for a dollar or less.  The cards are great and there’s no point in spending four dollars or more on a greeting card when you can buy them for a dollar.  In fact, last year I bought a package of 20 or 30 Christmas cards for two dollars, and they didn’t even look cheap.  If you are into scrap booking, you will also be able to find great decorations and scrap booking items for a lot less than in regular stores.

If you are planning a shower or party, you can find really great decorations as well.  In fact, Dollarama carries just about anything you can think of.  There is an entire aisle dedicated to kitchen gadgets, which is always fun to browse through.

So the next time you are preparing for a party, or you just need a few basic items, I recommend that you stop by at a Dollarama near you to see what you can find.  Unlike many dollar stores, the aisles are well organized and not too cluttered.  You can easily make your way around the store and you are bound to find what you are looking for, and a whole lot more, too!  Happy shopping!

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