Say Good Bye To The Canadian Penny

by Pam on May 18, 2012

Well, this is the end of the Canadian penny. The mint in Winnipeg made its last pennies just a few weeks ago and soon the penny will be out of circulation.  Since the cost of making the penny was greater than the penny’s actual value, the Canadian government decided to be rid of the penny once and for all.  And Canada isn’t unique in doing so.  Apparently other countries such as Australia have already done away with theirs.

Life will definitely be different without the penny.  What will happen to the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.”?  And how will our children learn how to make proper change without the penny?  I guess we will all just have to adjust to this change, just like any other change.

I personally will miss the penny.  I am still one to bend down and pick up a penny off the sidewalk if I see one.  Many  people haven’t seen the value in pennies for quite some time, however, I still know that my change adds up and even a penny counts.

Although I will miss the penny, I think the Canadian government made a wise decision.  Apparently it will save us tax payers a fair amount by doing away with it, and for that reason alone, I am a bit more accepting of it.

What are your thoughts on no longer having the penny in Canada?  Will you miss it, or do you think the government should have done away with it a long time ago?


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