Shop Alone And Save On Groceries

by Pam on September 19, 2011

With the increased cost of food prices these days, everything we can do to save a little is worth a try.  I have been reading various articles that provide tips on saving on groceries, and many of them suggest that when you shop you should go alone.

I would have to agree.  I usually do my grocery shopping once every two weeks and I usually go alone.  When I do, I know exactly what I have already got, and what I still need to pick up.   I feel like I can take as much time as I want without worrying about anyone else.

Very occasionally my husband comes along, and it’s true that we do spend more when we shop together.  He will find items that I would never dream of buying and we will often double up on items because we go our separate ways and then come back to our cart with a bunch of items in our hands.  I always feel more rushed as well and then I am not as careful to select the least expensive items.

Although some couples may end up saving money by shopping together, if you are like most couples, you will benefit from shopping alone.  Also, if you have kids, you will likely notice that bringing them along often will add to your grocery bill since attractive items are always placed at a child’s eye level and you will likely end up buying a lot of things you wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t for your kids’ insistence.

Whenever possible, do your grocery shopping on your own.  If you have to bring your kids with you, bring some distraction such as a toy or book and hopefully they will be more interested in that then in trying to persuade you to buy things that are not already on your list.  If they are old enough, teach them how to find the best prices for items and have them help you.  By getting them involved, they will be learning a valuable lesson in how to make money go further.


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