Shop For Christmas All Year Round

by Pam on October 10, 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is just around the corner.  Rather than getting all stressed out about your gift shopping and leaving it until the very last minute, why not do your shopping all year round?  By doing so you will have a lot of time to find just the right gift for each family member and you will often find great deals and ideas when you’re not even looking for them!

Although I usually end up still doing some shopping in the overcrowded malls in December, I am happy to say that almost every year I have shopped for at least half the people on my list before the big rush, so it makes shopping much easier.

Always have an open mind when you are shopping during the year, and if you spot something that would be a perfect Christmas gift, buy it and tuck it away in your secret Christmas stash.  The key is to be sneaky enough to hide it so the recipient has no chance of discovering it before Christmas.

Christmas can be a really expensive time of year for some families.  It’s best to create a Christmas budget and to stick to it.  Family members will understand if they don’t get the biggest, most expensive gifts, especially if the family is going through some tough times financially.  By buying your gifts throughout the year, it helps to make December a more manageable month as you are spreading out the costs.

If you prefer to do all your Christmas shopping right before Christmas, just be sure to tuck enough away every payday throughout the year so you don’t have to rack up expensive debt on your credit card.   Some people like to use their Tax Free Savings Accounts for this purpose.

However you choose to do your Christmas shopping, the most important thing is that you stay within your Christmas budget and plan ahead.  That way you can truly relax during the holiday season and enjoy your time with family and friends, rather than trying not to think about the dreaded credit card bill that would otherwise be bound to come in January.

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