Shopping Around Pays Off

by Pam on June 19, 2010

The other night my husband and I went shopping for special devices used for dental hygiene.  The two items we were looking for included a Philips sonicare toothbrush and a Waterpik waterflosser.   These may sound like really weird gadgets, but they are supposed to help promote dental health and we definitely need to be taking better care of our teeth.

We started off by checking out the prices at Zellers.  The waterflosser was $100 and they didn’t have the toothbrush.  Next we went to Superstore, where I expected to find the lowest price for these gadgets.  We discovered that the toothbrush was $100 and they didn’t have the waterflosser.

Our final stop was Shopper’s Drug Mart.  Thankfully, they had both products we were looking for in stock.  Surprisingly, they were both $20 to $30 cheaper.  I could hardly believe it.   I thought for sure that Superstore would be cheaper than Shoppers.  This experience taught me to never assume that Superstore is always cheaper.

Even better yet, there was a promotion at Shoppers when we went.  Customers get a $10 off coupon when they spend at least $50.  When the cashier put through the purchase, we asked if we could do it separately and get two coupons.  As a result of asking this simple question, we were able to get $10 off one of our purchases instantly, and now we have another $10 coupon that we can use in the future.  So, by taking an extra few minutes and shopping around, we were able to save about $70!

My husband had also checked out the prices online before we went shopping so he had a good idea as to what price he should be expecting to pay.  It is really important to not be lazy when it comes to shopping.  A little bit of research as well as shopping around can pay off big time.

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