Short Term Loan Financing: Brokers vs. Lenders

by Guest on April 3, 2014

The global economic down turn has contributed to the nightmare being experienced by people when trying to secure loans through banks. This has given rise to the emergence of brokers who try to intervene and make the process less of a hassle. In the UK for example, a licensed broker is endowed with a number of responsibilities among them being coming up with attractive lending options for consumers. This has led to the emergence of concepts such as short term financing and the emergence of broker sites to offer the lending options.

Over the years short term loans have been identified as the best options to go for in case of an emergency. Today, there are a numerous channels offering short term financing to anyone in need. As consumers, we are charged with the responsibility finding that one channel that offers the best rates and fees. If you have a fair credit history, you have a high chance of securing a short term loan at your own convenience.

Fast short term loans are mostly given to cater for emergencies. Because of the nature at which they are issued, they tend to have a higher interest rate as compared to other conventional loans. Most of these loans are available online and should be repaid as soon as possible. They can be applied for at any time since the sites operate on a 24/7 basis.


Since application is carried out online, the application process is less of a hassle. They require less paper work as compared to bank loans. During application, you’ll be required to provide personal information and your employer details.

Applicants should above the minority age of 18 years and be employed for a minimum of 90 days. Lenders may demand different minimum income requirements hence its best you find one that suits you.

Differentiating lenders from brokers 

A broker works on an individual capacity organizing short term loans for consumers between different lenders. If an applicant secures a loan through a broker, a broker earns a certain commission from the transaction hence continues operating.

Lenders on the other hand provide brokers with a number of commission based discounts using lower rates than the ones they in their advertisements.

Consumers are the ones who benefit a lot from such arrangements considering the fact that brokers represent more than one lender. As a consumer, you get a chance to sample a number of choices available.

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