Showing Off The Right Way: 5 Ways To Use Exhibition Displays To The Fullest

by Guest on September 22, 2015

When you attend any kind of business show or exhibition, it’s vital that you do as much networking as you possibly can. While some people go along to listen to talks or to try out certain products, others are there because they want to learn more and see what different firms have to offer or to find out more about a particular brand they might have heard about, and that’s why investing in things like American Image exhibition displays can help you to market your brand to the fullest.

If you’re able to get an exhibition display at the event then you’ve made your first step towards doing just that – but then the hard work really kicks in. You can’t just rely on a “build it and they will come” theory, because you need to sell the product, sell your brand, and help the customers to find the answers they’ve come from.

If you can do all that, then you’ve really made a worthwhile contribution to not only the event, but the long-term success of your brand. Even if you only make one sale or convert one enquiry from the event into a customer or client, then you’ve done something right.

The question is, how do you make sure that you do all you can to grab people’s attention, without shouting across the room or being too “salesy”, and without breaking the bank to do it?


Your accountants might not like the idea of handing out anything free, but it’s a fact that having free things for people to collect from your exhibition displays are a great way of getting people to come over and have a chat, and to remember your brand.

They might be slightly interested in what you have to offer, they might be genuinely interested, or they might have no interest at all to begin with, but by the time they’ve come over and taken one of your cookies, stress balls or other freebies – with your company name and logo on – they’re likely to have seen what you have and maybe even engaged in a conversation; something they might not do with a competitor in the same room.

Gadgets / Technology

Everyone loves gadgets, it’s a solid, well-known, universal fact. If you have anything technological at your stand then people will be instinctively drawn to it.

While others might have paper flyers or they might be relying on their brand name to bring people to them, you can work with the likes of American Image exhibition displays to incorporate that little bit extra into your show to show what your product or service can do, and how it can benefit the audience.

Branding / Colour Schemes

You spent months developing your brand identity, it’s vital that this shines through above all else at your display otherwise it’s career suicide!

When you work on your exhibit, whether it’s with American Image exhibition displays or if you choose to design it yourself, you need to ensure that you have the name of your company and your logos and colours standing out. These are part of your identity, it’s a bit like putting a ski-mask on your face before going on a date if you don’t, the other person can’t see you. Let your colours and logo stand out so that they’re memorable.


The gadgets might be a better way of showing people what you can do than a flyer, but the paper-based marketing techniques still have a place in modern exhibits. You can show them what you can do, but they might not want to make a decision there and then – they might not have that power.

By giving them a document with what you can do, your contact details and even an offer code perhaps, they can take that back to the company the next day and discuss it with their team before potentially investing.

Samples / Trials

The final tip to using an exhibition display to the fullest is to make sure that they can actually try it out for themselves. People like to get ‘hands on’, to see that the product or service is easy to use – not everybody can get to grips with things straightaway – but if they can see that it’s easy, or that you’re willing to offer them a free trial so that they can get the input of colleagues or managers, they might find that they grow to love the product and invest in you.


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