Small Business Tips: How To Set Up Your Office Within A Budget

by Guest on February 26, 2015

office setupWhile setting up a business, it is incumbent on every entrepreneur to have an area from where they can function in a purposeful manner. Finding the best location is a tedious task and requires a significant amount of research. One needs to ensure that it remains within budget and in accordance to the business plan defined while starting up the venture. There are several things to take into account on how to make this happen by leveraging on your business strengths. Below are some guidelines which can come in handy when developing your office within the budget constraint.

Decide About the Kind of Office You Want to Build

In this day and age, there are several options available for entrepreneurs on the kind of office they want to have as a start up. These include serviced offices and virtual offices where each one has its own set of benefits over the other. Furthermore, you can also choose among a home office or a rented building. This mainly depends on the industry your business is in. If most of your transactions take place over the Internet and the interaction with your clients is relatively minimum, then a virtual office will be more suitable.

Determining the Location of the Setup

Choosing the location plays a pivotal role in business growth especially during the early stage of your business. This is because potential customers and employees will always factor in the location of your business before making a transaction or deciding to become a part of your team. If your office is in a building which is situated amongst an area which is difficult to reach, then that will become a deterrent for your clients. At the same time, the rent or cost of the place plays a major part in your budget therefore, finding a suitable one will take time and effort. You can conduct research through local magazines and newspapers to find deals or incubation centers.

Supplies Are a Must but Don’t Go to Fancy

Once you have decided on the type and location, you need to furnish your office with the basic stationary and facilities. Deciding on desktop computers or personal laptops depending on the requirement of your business. Further printers, registers, clipboards, thumb pins and staplers would need to be purchased. Look for discounts online or super saver deals so as to remain efficient without spending exorbitantly on such items.

Availability of a Reliable Broadband Connection and Network Connections

For communication purposes it is essential that the office you decide to setup has a well functional network setup. This is important because it will be the foundation with which you will link with potential clients and your employees. Does the area you plan on working on have regular blackouts and do they have standby generators to backup. Reliability in this part should not necessarily come at a high cost as this is normally included in the package of the provider.

Presence of Basic Infrastructure in the Vicinity

Your office should have within major facilities such as a bathroom for employees and possibly a reception area for clients. Further, some buildings have designed meeting rooms and breakout rooms which can be obtained at a reasonable rate. They can be charged by the hour where places would also provide refreshments for your clients. Further, parking spaces should also be located around your business location. Transportation facilities should be near your office for easy commute be it public or private. Security measures including fire alarms, police and internet security needs to be taken into account when you set up the business and cost taken into account accordingly. Servcorp Malaysia provides all the facilities that are required for a firm to setup their business.

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