Smart Tricks To Help You Save Money On Lawyer Fees

by Guest on November 1, 2016

The cost of attorney fees could be really expensive for many of you. Fortunately, you could take a few simple steps that would help you in saving money on attorney fees over time. You could, for instance, choose the right lawyer and do some of the involved legwork upfront. It is essential for you to arrive at a solid understanding about the kind of or the amount of legal fees involved. Discuss clearly all financial terms and conditions before hiring the attorney of your choice. It would be a wise idea to maintain a healthy working relationship and rapport with your attorney to achieve positive results. Here are some effective tricks that will help in lowering your legal fees along with reducing the overall expenses associated with legal representation.

Make A Wise Choice When Choosing A Lawyer

Remember that there are numerous law firms with high-flying reputations. You need not get swayed. Think carefully, do your homework diligently and make the right choice. Choosing the right lawyer could save you a substantial amount in legal fees.

This is chiefly because you need to feel comfortable while interacting with your attorney as you have to maintain a working relationship with him. It is essential for the process to go as smoothly as possible as nobody would like to be put in a position where they need to hire another lawyer mid-way through the legal representation.

Moreover, you could choose a small law firm attorney or a solo practitioner as you could lower your legal expenses as their fees would be certainly lower than renowned and large law firm attorneys.

Insist On A Flat Fee Agreement

Whether you are looking for an accident attorney or a civil litigation attorney or a corporate attorney, you will find that there are numerous kinds of legal fee arrangements that are used by them including hourly rates, flat fee arrangements, and contingency fees. If your case seems to be routine or relatively simple, such as an uncontested divorce or will; you should insist on a flat fee agreement that would be based actually on an already agreed and predetermined amount. This would be effective in lowering your overall legal expenses.  You would know the exact amount to be paid to your attorney in terms of his fees so you can do proper budgeting to meet the expenses.

Do Some Of The Work Yourself

A legal representation involves a whole lot of work. People often have a misconception as they feel that once they have hired an attorney their responsibilities are over.  You could, however, save on some lawsuit costs throughout the entire legal representation process, depending on the nature and type of your case, by performing some of the required work, yourself.

This may include indulging in some sort of prep work like gathering and collecting essential documents and helping the attorney by providing him with relevant information regarding your legal matter. It is, however, mandatory to discuss your plans beforehand with your attorney so that you do not end up duplicating the work already done by the lawyer. You should also make sure that you are not getting in his way or hampering the attorney’s progress.


Follow all the above-mentioned tips to cut down your attorney expenses. Moreover, you could restrict your emails and phone calls to your attorney, as time is money and it is applicable to legal cases more than anything else. Whenever your attorney takes your call or spends time responding to your emails, you have to pay him for his time. It would be a great idea if you provide all the information relevant to your case upfront so it saves the need for calling or emailing. You could schedule more meaningful meetings periodically and discuss the progress and other matters relevant to your legal case.

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