The Frugal Fairy

by Pam on June 5, 2017

Are you spending too much money without even realizing it? Then you could do with a visit from the frugal fairy. Yes, that’s right, she’s a fairy that is less concerned about teeth and more about money. But just what can the frugal fairy do for your financial situation? Read on to find out.

The frugal fairy says everyone loves a bargain

That feeling when you get something that you want for a reduced price can be addictive, that is why everyone loves a bargain! But where are the best places to get them? Well, just about anywhere if you know how to look!

You can grab a bargain online when items or on sale or use a voucher code to get a discount. Or how about checking sites that sells pre-loved items. Some have never even been used! But actually it’s not just in these place where you can get a bargain, you can get them in everyday shops too.

First of all, head to the supermarket when they mark down items with a short best before date. As that is somewhere where you can pick up all sorts of foods for a fraction of their original cost.

Then why not try your haggling skills in a shop selling electronics?  As these tend to be big-ticket items, the salesperson usually has some leeway on what they can charge. Or at least the ability to throw in some free stuff. So try it next time, and you may just be surprised with what you come out with.

The frugal fairy says don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Another great tip from the frugal fairy is that we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But what exactly does this mean? Well, it means that even if you receive gifts that aren’t quite your style, or you won’t use them, it’s always worth holding onto them to regift at a later date.

Ideally, you will have a little stash of gifts like this somewhere, with post-it notes saying who they were from. As no one wants to suffer the embarrassment of re gifting to the original giver!

Then when a birthday or secret Santa comes along, you can just dive into your stash without spending any money at all.

The frugal fairy says taking advice is smart

The frugal fairy not only wants you to take her advice on how to save money but also listen to the words of a professional financial adviser too.

Why? Well because these folks know exactly what they are doing and they can help you streamline your spending as well as save money for the really important things in life.

 The frugal fairy says generate extra income

Lastly, the frugal fairy is big on side hustles and second incomes. She says that rather than standing around complaining that you haven’t got enough money, you should get off of your behind and do something to make some more.

For example, you might set up an Etsy shop and sell home-made crafts. Join a cashback site, or even create some products that can generate a passive income.


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