The Most Common Forex Trading Mistakes That Can Cost You Dearly

by Guest on February 25, 2016

When we enter into the domain of Forex trading, we will enter a learning curve until we understand the intricacies and the finer points of trading. Even after learning the basics, everyday will still be a learning process. Now with that being the case, all the traders are bound to make mistakes, at least in the early stages.

In this post, we shall look at some of the most common mistakes committed by traders. This information will help you in avoiding setbacks and losses as a trader.


This is one of the main reasons why many traders self-destruct. Although learning the basics is important, it is equally important for you to understand when to enter into a trade, and when not to.

Trading can be addictive, which is why you might not notice it when you are overdoing it. Therefore, it is very important for you to plan your trades carefully, and make a point to stick to your plans.

You might be tempted to make irrational decisions and start trading, even when the conditions are not favorable according to your training strategy. It is a very risky thing to do, and in most cases, it will simply lead to losses that could have been avoided.

Being a daredevil:

Trading is not about showing your bravado. On the contrary, it will require calm and meticulous planning in order to succeed in the long run. You know exactly how much you can afford, which is why you should always make it a point not to exceed your capacity.

You wouldn’t want few trading mistakes to create serious setbacks in your life. When you lose money on a trade, you will be tempted to get it back on the next one to make up for your loss. Revenge trading is the most foolish thing that you can do.

Take it easy, sit back and analyse why you lost that trade. Don’t be in too much of a rush to make up for your losses.

Over thinking:

Some traders have the problem of ‘implementation paralysis’. They do all the groundwork and analysis, but when the time of action arises, they get cold feet. As we all know, the right timing is of the essence when it comes to trading.

Therefore, when the trading window becomes favorable according to your strategies, start making your move. Make decisions on implementing factors like the type of entry to choose, the size of the trade, placement of stop losses, etc. Don’t waste the critical moment with unnecessary over-thinking.

Information overload:

There are thousands of websites providing information about Forex trading. Most of the beginners are too enthusiastic about learning all that they can from the experts. Please be mindful that the expert traders have their own unique styles of trading, and you will also have to develop your own trading style.

Now, too much information from many experts from around the world might prevent you from trading with a positive frame of mind. You might even hesitate to make you move, even after studying the charts and doing the necessary analysis.

Therefore, it is important for you to make your own plan and stick to it. Sign up only with a few reputed Forex blog websites, and follow them closely. Don’t become arrogant after a few winning trades. You need to stick with your strategies, and keep it simple.

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