The Secret To Buying Gifts For Babies – And Their Parents!

by Guest on July 25, 2012

Here’s the thing – babies haven’t got a clue what’s going on. Seriously, have you ever looked into a baby’s eyes? For the first month after it’s born it can’t even focus properly.

So when you buy presents for a new-born baby, even if you are buying for the baby himself – or herself of course – what you are really doing is buying presents for Mom and Dad.

What makes the best baby gift?

Therefore, whatever you buy, it basically has to do one of two things. Or potentially both, which would make it a super gift. On the one hand, it should make them smile. And on the other, if possible, it should be useful in some way. Clothes to keep baby warm or toys to make baby stop crying would be nice.

You might want to ask the parents what they want before buying a gift.

Your gift doesn’t have to be amusing and useful. Just one or the other.

If you buy baby products as baby gifts, it’s not a bad idea to check with Mom and Dad before you make a purchase. Because different parents have different ideas about the kinds of things they want their children to have, and certainly about the kinds of things they will allow their children to wear, it never hurts to run something past the parents before spending your money on it.

Buy some cute baby clothes.

A good idea is to buy baby clothes – and make sure you buy bigger than he or she currently is if you want to see him or her getting good use out of them.

Clothes are always about Mom and Dad’s taste, as it is clearly impossible for a baby to care, beyond the realm of comfort, what he or she is wearing. So you pick a superhero baby outfit, for example, which reminds Dad of his favorite comic book character. Or you can get hilarious sleepers that make the baby look like a bunny rabbit or small woodland animal.  These seem to always go over well as they are really cute.

I suppose, given that when they’re awake they are basically crying or relieving themselves, it’s only fair that sleeping babies should give us all some entertainment. And of course if you’re really clever you’ll make sure there are plenty of pictures taken, so when he or she gets older and starts being difficult you can always threaten to embarrass him or her with a picture of him or her dressed up as a tomato.

In other words – don’t stress. The thought really counts with presents, and a little light relief is as much use for the new parent as a set of baby bottles or some new bibs.

About The Author

Sarah Bennett is a brand new mother who recently received an abundance of presents from her family.  Hope you enjoyed her insights on what parents want from baby gifts.

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