The Three Best Places To Invest Your Money

by Pam on August 23, 2017

If you’ve got a lot of money saved up and want to do something with it, investing is a good idea. By using it to purchase certain goods, you can play the markets and make money out of money, which is something that everyone wants! However, playing with markets often comes with risks, and you have to know which markets are the safest in order to not lose your hard earned cash, so carry on reading if you want to know the best 3 places to invest your money!


Gold has been valuable for time immemorial. It’s rare, it’s aesthetically pleasing and it has a huge range of uses, especially now with the dawn of technology! Gold is a product that is definitely worth investing in because it is one of the safest markets to do so in. This is because it’s running out, and as something becomes more and more rare it’s value goes up which means that whatever gold you buy is only going to go up in value. You can use market graphs to view how much gold is worth at a particular point in time, the value does fluctuate slightly so remember, buy low and sell high!

Real Estate

Real estate has always, and will always continue to be one of the best ways to make money, and there is a trick to doing it! All of the successful real estate companies, including successful individuals too, follow a template. They buy a property that is in bad shape, and then renovate it so it’s in amazing shape. This increases the value of the property by a staggeringly large margin, which actually surpasses the amount of money that they put into the house. At this point, they then sell the house and make a huge profit on it, this formula rarely ever fails and is guaranteed to give you a good return so you should follow in their footsteps!

Share Investment

This is the riskiest thing to do out of the 3 but is still a relatively safe bet, stock purchasing and selling is an excellent way to make money because people are always going to be buying them! When you buy a share, you own a small percentage of that company, and as you get more and more of them you own more and more of the company, which means that they accumulate value because you own a part of a business . When that business increases in value, so do your shares but be warned that when the business value drops, so too do your shares so you must keep a watchful eye out! When investing in shares always do your research, start off small and build your way up to avoid a catastrophe!

All of these places are excellent fields to sink your money into to get a good return! Gold will always be valuable, just keep an eye on the selling prices to know when the best time is to unload your inventory, buy some unloved properties and boost their value by renovating them, or you could buy shares in some big companies and the later sell them, the choice is up to you!

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