The Top 5 Benefits Of Carpooling For Your Kids

by Leon on January 17, 2013

carpoolingWhen you’ve been dropping off your son or daughter at school, have you noticed that more and more parents are actually carpooling? There are many reasons why it’s something that you should think about. Carpooling is not just what a lot of kids enjoy doing while spending some time with their friends on the way to school (and back home), but it can also make the parents of those children’s lives much easier.

Are you curious about what some of the main benefits of carpooling your kids are? If so, we have five good reasons why you should get on a carpool list as early as tomorrow morning (if you can):

It will save you money. Probably the most attractive thing about carpooling is that it keeps you from having to consistently spend money on things such as gas and parking fees. As parents rotate the carpool duty, it gives everyone a chance to be able to keep a few dollars in their own pockets. As a matter of fact, some reports say that it can ultimately save you as much as 50 percent in expenses.

It is great for the environment. As more people are becoming environmentally friendly, they are also becoming more aware of the fact that car fuel pollutes the air by putting emissions into the atmosphere. When you carpool, that means less people are on the roads and that ultimately means less damage is being done to the environment.

It’s better for your health. Did you know that many health issues that we have such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as allergies are directly related to air pollution? When you carpool, not only are you doing something beneficial for the earth’s welfare but your own health (along with the people around you) as well. Plus, there are many studies to support that carpooling plays a significant role in reducing stress too.

It cuts down on (accident) risks. No matter what insurance company you have a policy through, whether it’s All State, Geico or even Kanetix, one thing that they will all agree upon is that when there are less people on the roads, there is less of a chance for a collision to take place. That’s a big part of the reason why most insurance companies provide discounts to individuals who do not spend a lot of time on the road. Obviously, when you’re carpooling, that means less people are using their individual cars and so yes, that means less people out on the roads.

It provides a sense of community. Another beautiful thing about the eco-friendly movement is that it encourages everyone to rely on one another for support and resources. Some of us have lived in our neighborhood for the past 5-10 years and still don’t know some of our neighbors. When you make it a point to carpool, it connects you to people within your community. That can mean new friends for your kids and even new connections for you as well. We all need reliable assistance. Carpooling can help you to get just that.

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