Things Really Are Not All That Important

by Pam on March 14, 2011

“The most important things in life are NOT things.”

In the past, I allowed myself to become really attached to my things.  Whenever I would try to organize my bookshelf or closet I would find it really hard to part with anything, even if I never used it or even looked at it.  The interesting part, though, is that any items that I ended up giving away, I never ended up missing at all!  Who would have thought!

It is good that I started to let go of things little by little, so I would be more prepared for what we are now in the process of doing.  We are selling our house so in order to make it easier to repaint and do some repairs, we decided to give away or sell practically everything in our house.

Our living room now consists of one sofa, two lamps, and a tiny table.  When my husband and I talk to each other in our home, we can ear an echo due to the lack of furniture.  Our bedroom now just has our bed in it, and our office now only has one little tiny computer desk, which I use for blogging.

The funny thing is that both my husband and I really don’t miss anything!  It is much easier to keep the house clean now and as it turns out we really didn’t need all that furniture and stuff we had hanging around.

Now I know it is practical to have some furniture in your home, and once we move we will likely have to replace some of the items we gave away, but now that we know we are comfortable living so simply, we will likely not require as many items as we previously had.

Stuff complicates life and the less of it I have to deal with, the better, in my opinion.  I am learning to be content with what I have and not worrying as much about what I don’t have.  For now, while living in our home with limited furniture, I am enjoying the simple pleasures of life, including the fact that I don’t have to dust nearly as much around my house.  I have always hated dusting!

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