Things To Consider When Money Lending

by Guest on December 31, 2009

things to consider before lending money to family and friendsMost of us have done it at one time or another: lent money to a friend or family member. The loan is usually done in order to help a loved one meet a goal or to take care of a pressing need. We choose money lending because we want to help. Unfortunately, all too often extending a personal loan can lead to a negative situation. Here are a few points to consider when you are faced with the possibility of floating a personal loan to someone you care about.

The thing about money lending is that the recipient obviously does not have the resources at hand to effectively take care of the matter at hand. That is why you have been approached about the personal loan. It is important that you have an informed understanding about the ability of the recipient to be able to repay the loan within a reasonable amount of time. The repayment schedule should be discussed in detail and the terms of repayment should be perfectly clear to both parties. This is done so that the transaction can be done according to perimeters that both you and the recipient feel confident can be met in a timely manner.

While you may feel that asking for some sort of documentation of the loan and the agreement to repay is not appropriate to the circumstances, it is important to remember that you are making a financial transaction. The documents are meant to protect both the lender and the receiver. They should spell out in detail the amount that is being loaned, and the terms for repayment, including any late fees that may apply. If your loved one balks at this type of arrangement, you can take this as a warning sign that you should think long and hard before going through with the loan.

It is also important to consider your own circumstances before agreeing to money lending. Can you afford to make the loan without creating any financial problems for you and your family? Your first responsibility is to your own obligations, then using any surplus you may have to help those around you. Make sure that by extending a personal loan that you will not soon find yourself in need of a loan as well.

In conclusion, ask yourself one key question: if the personal loan cannot be repaid on time, or perhaps not at all, how will that affect the relationship? Money has been the downfall of many a marriage and friendship. If the relationship you share with the recipient is something that you want to preserve, than extending a personal loan must be something you do with the conviction that if the loan cannot be repaid that you will not allow that fact to create negative feelings toward that person. Just be very sure you can really follow through with that resolve before extending the loan.

Money Lending to help out a loved one is a generous gesture. Make sure your gesture does not lead to hard feelings should an unexpected obstacle come along.


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