Thrifty Fixes – Home Decorating Ideas That Will Fit Your Budget

by Pam on July 25, 2009

Thrifty Fixes for The Home - home decorating on a budgetThe Little Book of Thrifty Fixes For The Home by Bridget Bodoano

Thrifty Fixes is a really neat book. It takes about an hour to read the whole thing and it is jam- packed full of interesting tips on how to decorate your home without spending a lot of money.  Especially right now when people are living on tight budgets, it’s a must-read for anyone looking for a reference book on home decorating.

The thing I like the most about this book is that it gives you practical advice on how to use what you already have around the house rather than encouraging you to go out and buy more!  The theme is to do more with less and to not discount old furniture, lamps, etc, but to improve them instead.  The author also provides tips on how to get the most for your money when you do purchase things for your home.

The author provides tips on everything from flooring to walls to storage.  She discusses ways to make your room look larger and many other interesting topics.  I liked the way she wrapped everything up by talking about ways to ensure your home is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Here are just a few tips found in the book:

1.  Smarten up your bathroom simply by buying matching towels.  They can be purchased at large supermarkets and they don’t have to be expensive.

2.  Economy furniture is often made of less material and can look skimpy, so when purchasing furniture, be sure to choose “robust and chunky” over thin and skimpy.

3.  Don’t always buy the cheapest products as although it may solve current budget deficiencies, it could turn out to be a false economy.  For instance, if you buy a sofa, consider its durability and how long you would like it to last.

4.  Fashions come and go, so buy the classics that will outlast the fads.

5.  Don’t worry if all of your pictures don’t match.  Using a single style of frame will unify a mix of prints, paintings, and photographs.

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